10 Aug

In honour of Women's month, we celebrate Roxy Robinson. Born in South Africa, 1986, she is a determined and competitive individual. Like the South African women in 1956, who marched for change, Roxy marched to change her winning strategy from representing her country in gymnastics at the age of 11, to starting her own business at 17 which is now a global phenomenon. Through strength, courage, determination and hard work, she has become a well known businesswoman in the travel industry and amongst many mottos, Roxy, encouraged by the National Women's Day chant "You strike a woman, you strike a rock", adjusts it to her work environment which encapsulates that all woman work hard, no matter the challenge.

In 2020, Roxy has been nominated as a finalist for National Business Women’ Awards, Business Woman of the Year – Micro. The National Business Women's Awards are made up of 19 categories. All entries are judged by up to four national panel of judges. The Business Woman of the Year - Micro award will honour inspiring innovators and visionaries. The category was open to business leaders who have achieved accomplishments of significance over their careers. Nominees are to possess qualities of vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, leadership and demonstrate a commitment to gender diversity. Roxy has been nominated for three years previously.

Founder and CEO of the Roxstar Luxury Group and proud nominee of First National Bank’s Businesswoman of the Year for two years, and SMD Businesswoman of the Year in 2018 and 2019 consecutively, Roxy is one of the most connected businesswomen in the industry. The Roxstar Luxury Group, a Traveller Made® Agency, is an exclusive luxury lifestyle and boutique concierge company. Providing insider access to sought after events, personalised travel arrangements and unforgettable experiences, The Roxstar Luxury Group is known for its elite network of contacts and first-class service provision. The Roxstar Luxury Group offers carefully curated packages that provide our clientele with an unsurpassed level of luxury, including exclusive access to the world’s finest hotels, unique travel options, bucket list experiences and more. Roxstar Luxury Group is known for creating the unimaginable!

Roxy’s love for people and life has undoubtedly been the driving force behind her work, but it is her ultimate goal to share this passion through the creation of opportunities and unique experiences. Despite the overwhelming success that Roxy has achieved over the years, her desire to instil happiness in people’s lives that has remained consistent throughout. It is through a balance of determination, competitiveness, tenacity, and a strong work ethic that has given Roxy the footing to become the proud owner of five successful companies that continue to grow and flourish.

Congratulations to Roxy Robinson on the nomination, you possess the qualities of vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, leadership and demonstrate a commitment to gender diversity and your successes speak for themselves. We wish you luck as you enter the final stage of the Awards.

Traveller Made® is a network community of travel designers that provide bespoke opportunities that guarantee unforgettable holidays and Roxstar Luxury Group is one of its proud partners.  We are the only agency in Africa to have access to this invitation-only service and title, and we are honoured and feel privileged to be a part of it and to offer these global privileges .


If you book a Traveller Made® hotel through Roxstar Luxury Group , you open yourself to a whole host of perks such as:

- Complimentary room upgrade subject to availability

- Complimentary daily breakfast

- Up to 250 USD resort credit 

VIP amenities in the room upon arrival 

- Complimentary early check-in/late check-out

- Complimentary valet parking

- Complimentary Wi-Fi

- Complimentary access to spa facilities and treatments

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