Uncover the myriad layers of Japanese culture on this in-depth voyage of discovery and contrast.

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  • A journey to discover ancient Japanese cultures & crafts
  • Learn how these traditions are relevant in modern society
  • Delve into the true concept and meaning of Zen
  • Visit Kyoto, Mount Fuji and futuristic Tokyo, in this journey of contrasts
  • Enjoy rare access to under-the-radar experts
  • Stay in a traditional ryokan and a luxury countryside home

Uncover the myriad layers of Japanese culture during this in-depth voyage of discovery and contrast. Begin your trip in beautiful Kyoto, where you will experience the rare privilege of a private dinner with a Geisha. Lose yourself in the ritual of an authentic tea ceremony and explore the city’s hidden gardens, that only the locals can lead you to. Learn the true concept and meaning of Zen, which you can carry with you for the rest of your life. Experience Zazen meditation and spend time with the monks and in the temples, before venturing up to the countryside where Mount Fuji looms and stunning waterfalls provide a natural soundscape.

You will finish your journey in Tokyo, where Japan’s historic customs and its fierce modernity fuse. From the Manga heartland of Akihabara, to a traditional sumo stable, you will witness the stunning synthesis of old and new, to create one of the world’s most vibrant and intriguing cultures. Alongside this you will experience a gastronomic awakening. Discover the beauty of kaiseki cuisine, feast on the finest-grade Wagyu beef, learn to taste sake like the experts do, and enjoy a sushi masterclass at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market.

Let us guide you through this land of cultural depths and exotic traditions, and help you discover a place where the customs, the art and the people seem to transcend time in the most fascinating and natural way.

Best time to travel: March to June or September to November  

Number of nights: Ten

For couples or families with older children