Explore ancient tea plantations, spot leopards in the wild, observe wild elephants swimming and go whale watching on an aerial safari.

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  • Explore Sri Lanka’s best national parks
  • Track leopards and elephants in their natural habitat
  • Float above the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in a hot air balloon
  • Sleep in luxury eco lodges
  • Explore the jungle with the indigenous Vedda people
  • Visit a working tea plantation for a tour and tasting
  • Optional stay at the beach paradise of Amanwella

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences. 

Explore this island of natural wonders, from ancient tea plantations to golden beaches and some of the world’s most exciting wildlife. We will guide you around some of the lesser-known parts of Sri Lanka, where you can spot leopards in their natural habitat, watch wild elephants swimming, and go whale watching in a stunning aerial safari.

Then there is the country’s 2000 year history. This trip will take in four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, giving you just a glimpse into its mystical past. Float above the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in a hot air balloon, before you see the world’s oldest living human-planted tree in Anuradhapura. Then head into the forest with the Chief Vedda, Sri Lanka’s indigenous people. We have sourced experts in their field to give you an in-depth insight into the country, such as a marine biologist who specialises in blue whales or an archaeologist who will guide you through Sigiriya. We can even introduce you to one of the country’s famous cricketers to share a morning with.

Alongside all of this adventure and culture, there is plenty of time to relax and lie back in a hammock. You will stay in a selection of luxurious eco lodges and optionally spend three days of pure bliss in a beachside paradise at the end of your journey, where all you have to find is the motivation for a trip to the spa.

Best time to travel: November to April  

Number of nights: Twelve

For couples, friends or families