Be castaway in a remote paradise, where nature still exists in its wild and natural form, untouched by man or machine. Leave the relentlessness of the modern world behind and awaken your primal instincts on a desert island survival quest, armed with nothing but Mother Nature’s abundant resources. Finding genuine solitude and testing your human endeavour, away from the distractions of everyday life, can enrich your soul in deeply valuable and profound new ways. This trip is perfect for solo travellers looking for total isolation, or a group of up to eight friends wanting to experience island survival as a team.

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  • Take a speedboat ride to an uninhabited island paradise where you will be castaway
  • Learn bushcraft skills and survival techniques from an expert expedition leader
  • Use basic equipment and natural amenities to master the five key elements of survival: psychology, shelter, fire, food and water
  • Snorkel, swim and surf the idyllic atolls and iridescent lagoons surrounding the island
  • See natural phenomena such as whales, turtles or crabs nesting and migrating, all within touching distance
  • Recharge and reinvigorate yourself on one of the world’s last pristine paradise islands

Few places on Earth still retain their raw, untamed vigour. Accompanied by an experienced expedition leader, a speedboat will whisk you across virgin waters to a remote corner of the world, where you will be marooned on an island of untouched beauty. Learn how to utilise nature’s materials to navigate, hunt, cook and build. Use spears, rods and nets to catch fresh fish. Create fire with friction and forage for food in the jungle.

After an initial skill development phase, your expedition leader will leave you alone to camp, relax or explore in blissful isolation – all in the knowledge that help is just a call away if and when you tire of the uninterrupted horizons (a satellite phone will be provided). Along the island fringes, coral crowns are teeming with technicolor aquatics and whales migrate within swimming distance of the shores. Amuse yourselves with a fire-making competition, beach games or search for buried gold on your own treasure island.

On the ancient volcanic island of Tonga it’s the animals who take precedence. French Polynesia is an unending colour wheel of blues, golds and greens. Off the isthmus of Panama is a verdant island (famed by Bear Grylls) that’s blanketed in a dense jungle full of incredible wildlife. Whatever your chosen destination and time of year, there are many breathtaking natural phenomena to behold. Witness thousands of spawning crabs animating the sandy beaches, turtles nesting under a full moon or whales breaching in the shallows as you eat breakfast.

As the sun rises and sets over your private island, your circadian rhythm will begin to attune to its natural cues. Experience the most blissful night’s sleep you will ever have as your hammock sways to the soundtrack of the ocean waves. Unending stars provide the only blanket you will need, phosphorescent plankton and fireflies create a natural nightlight and the tymbal drum of tree crickets act as nature’s wake-up call.

Best time to travel: Year round  

Number of nights: Ten

For individuals, couples or small groups with a sense of adventure