Our DNA makes us who we are. Embark on the ultimate voyage of self-discovery that begins with an analysis of your genetic profile and culminates in a rich and fulfilling journey, connecting you to your ancestral roots.

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  • Using advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, every letter of your DNA will be analysed to calculate your precise cultural origins 
  • A team of experts will weave your DNA profile into a rich and fulfilling cultural holiday immersion 
  • Connect with your ancestral roots on a voyage of self-discovery 
  • Uncover your family history with an ancestry genealogist, who can accompany you on your trip 
  • Discover what makes you unique  
  • Gain an appreciation for where you come from

We have partnered with a team of industry-leading geneticists, who use advanced genome sequencing techniques and artificial intelligence to analyse every letter of your DNA, including the spaces between genes. By using every inch of your genetic material, it is possible to accurately determine your precise cultural origins and influences. 

Following a consultation, a sample of your DNA will be taken for processing. Within a few weeks, the bioinformatics team will produce a report containing a breakdown of your cultural lineage. This is where it gets really exciting. Based on the results from the lab, our team of dedicated travel consultants will weave your family history into a journey of discovery that connects you to the narrative of your past.  

Perhaps you have ancestors in Scotland? Savour rare whiskies, pedigree Wagyu beef and freshly caught fish from the Gleneagles’ trout lochs on a luxurious road trip through the majestic Highlands of your forefathers.  

Or maybe your distant relatives originated in Morocco? We’ll curate an exotic adventure that takes you from bustling souks and boutique Riads, to the boundless landscape of the Saharan sands. A magical backdrop to evoke the spirit of your past. 

Not only will your journey put you in contact with the people and places linked to your ancestry, it will help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of where you are from. Your heritage will intimately connect you to your surroundings in unimaginable ways. 

Designed around your specific requirements and incorporating our insider-knowledge on local treasures, we will curate an all-encompassing trip of a lifetime that will bring you closer to your family - past and present.  

Best time to travel: All Year  

Number of nights: TBC

For individuals, couples or families