To us, local is lekker. Local food, local staff, local taste – all on an a scale of international proportions. We welcome guests from far and wide. From Boksburg to Bangkok, from Cape Town to Cairo, we’re here to make sure you enjoy the ultimate in good, old-fashioned, down-to-earth, West Coast awesomeness. You’ll find us to be a tight-knit family who love what we do. Whether it’s building fires, turning grids, baking breads or simply making you feel right at home, we’re into fun, sun, surf and everything that goes with it. We’ve been meeting, greeting and bringing our guests memorable moments since ‘pa fell off the bus’ (which in South Africa is a great way of saying we’ve been doing what we do for a very, very long time). Some of our staff (like Marie) have devoted almost their entire working lives to us. All have been born and raised in the region. We treat them with love and respect because that’s just the way we are.