For those with an intrepid spirit, this journey under the skin of Morocco puts travellers at the centre of an immersive game.

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  • Take part in an immersive game of clues and quests
  • Work as a team to discover your next steps
  • Enjoy a stunning hike through the mountains
  • Ride camels through the desert and relax in a Bedouin tent
  • Explore the souks in search of clues
  • Learn to cook the perfect tagine

Perfect for those with an intrepid spirit, this journey through Morocco will put you at the centre of an immersive game. Your intriguing quest begins in the mountains, and takes you into the city souks and the dunes of the Sahara. But the fine details will be revealed in a series of clues and chance meetings, with surprises around every corner. Equipped with a telephone, £100 in local currency, a pack of tools and a box of clues, you will set off on a three-hour trek into the mountains with no clear idea of your next steps. But that’s all part of the fun!

Designed for families or groups of friends, this trip will enliven and reinforce relationships through the fun of working together. Your every step will rely on the collective brain power of the group, ensuring plenty of debate, laughter and bonding, and if you so wish, every moment can be captured on camera by your own private photographer. So, in this journey of secrets and clues, there are just a few things that we can share with you... You will receive impeccable service in some of the country’s finest hotels and restaurants. You will learn how to cook the perfect aromatic tagine and enjoy a sumptuous feast in a Bedouin tent.

You will explore historic Kasbahs and experience the quintessential Moroccan dream as you ride camels in the desert. And if that whets your appetite, you can rest assured that there are a host of exciting, thrilling and culturally enriching moments still to discover.

Best time to travel: October to May  

Number of nights: Six

For families or private groups of up to ten people