A magical culmination of cuisine and culture in South America.

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  • Perfect for travelling couples
  • Exceptional gastronomy in many unique settings
  • Private cooking class with chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino
  • Meet and greet with well-known Peruvian influencers
  • Visits to the Sacred Valley, Taquile Island and Lake Titicaca
  • Two nights on board the Belmond Andean Explorer train

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences

A magical culmination of cuisine and culture in South America.

Peru is a country of astounding contrasts and treasures, offering an incredibly rich combination of cultural heritage, history, stunning nature, spirituality and exquisite gastronomy. This very special trip to Peru includes all the exclusive “must-sees” plus a special focus on the best foodie offerings available.

The highlights of your adventure into the food of the Amazon are extensive and diverse. Experience a cooking class with renowned Pedro Miguel Schiaffino in Lima, sample a delicious seven-course gourmet tasting lunch at Hacienda Sarapampa and share a picnic in Maras followed by a very special ceremony of sound and traditional offerings to Mother Earth. Enjoy an open-aired feast at Wayra Ranch whilst watching a Peruvian Paso horse show, encounter pure Peruvian Cacao at Chaqchao and discover transformational Peruvian dishes at the MAP Café in Cusco.

Although a major part of your trip, it won’t just be the food and wine of Peru that will capture your soul. We will also share a host of other special moments with you including a visit to the mind-blowing Sacsayhuaman archaeological ruins, a tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a kayaking excursion at Huaypo, a visit to Lake Titicaca to watch the sunrise and two nights on board South America's first luxury sleeper train.

We will also introduce you to a circle of influential Peruvians including Teo Chambi, the grandson of much-loved photographer Martin Chambi, Meche Correa, one of Peru’s best-known and most-loved fashion designers, and esteemed jeweller, Ester Ventura. 

This all-encompassing journey to Peru is certain to awaken your soul with sights, scents, tastes and emotions that you barely knew existed.

Best time to travel: May to October  

Number of nights: Eleven

For couples or private groups of up to eight people