Whether you're looking for romance, seclusion or exotic nature, the beautiful Tahiti is a collection of 118 islands and atolls. The archipelago is a part of French Polynesia.

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  • Surf Tahiti’s wild swells and hollow barrels with a former professional                
  • Learn the artistic expression of Ori Tahiti (the Dance of Tahiti) from the legendary Tumata Robinson
  • Sip champagne in a traditional outrigger canoe, sailed by a national champion
  • See Maupiti lagoon from above by helicopter, then from below the waves  as you snorkel with Manta rays
  • Try ancient fishing techniques then fillet your fresh catch with a local fisherman in his home
  • Dive the lagoon of Rangiroa, the world’s second biggest atoll, with a marine biologist

 This trip can be customised to your personal preferences.

Whether you're looking for romance, seclusion or exotic nature, the islands Tahiti in the  South Pacific are where dreams become reality. 

The two islands of Tahiti, joined by an isthmus, are carpeted in lush forests and fringed by black-sand beaches. Tahitians fiercely guard the sacred traditions inherited from their ancient ancestors. Their weaving, woodcarving and tattooing all tells the story of their rich history. We will introduce you to some of the custodians of artisan skills, passed down through generations. From Tahitian dancers to tattooists and fishermen.  

Fly over Maupiti for a sky-high view of this picture-perfect ring of islets. Then let the countless hues of azure draw you into the pristine lagoon to meet the resident Manta Rays swimming above a coral garden. Then sail the lagoon at sunset in a va'a motu canoe for a sumptuous champagne picnic.

For those who are PADI certified, Rangiroa is a loop of islands that encircle a vast lagoon which offers some of the world's best diving. The atoll separates Moana-tea (the Peaceful Ocean) from Moana-uri (the Wild Ocean). A marine biologist will help you recognise some of the inhabitants of this richly biodiverse marine environment. 

Indulge your dreams of being castaway on a desert island with a few days at an exclusive private island resort that was once the residence of a Hollywood A-lister - we’re naming no names. Like a dream, time here becomes a blur. But when you're in paradise, no time is lost.