Costa Rica enriches the mind, body and soul with dense culture, boundless adventures and tropical retreats. Come and see why it's one of the happiest places on Earth.

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  • Gallop through woodland and lush foliage on horseback
  • Ascend magical cloud forests by tramway to get to mountain peaks then zipline back down  across volcanic valleys and waterfalls
  • Hike, rappel and ride ATVs along the trails of Arenal Volcano National Park
  • See the stunning variety of flora and fauna in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve 
  • Take advantage of the consistent swells and offshore winds of Tamarindo with a surfing professional
  • Fish for mahi-mahi or spot whales and dolphins in your wake on an offshore boat trip
  • Try the distinctive flavours of Costa Rican coffee beans, chocolate and bananas

 This trip can be customised to your personal preferences.

Costa Rica's richness lies in its verdant and biodiverse lands. Between two oceans and two continents, the array of landscapes you'll encounter provides a bounteous haven for adventure, nature, culture and serenity in equal measure.

Adventure-seekers can ascend mountain trails and cross hanging bridges on the path to thundering waterfalls. Or ride horseback through dense forests and across hilltop pastures. Follow the continental divide on an ATV, passing across lakes and through the looming mists of the cloud forest. Rope-climb your way up a volcano and ride along the rim. Then take the aerial tramway to the highest point of the reserve, before you zip-line your way back down from one mountain to the next. 

From summit to sea, the possibilities don't end. Snorkel in Pacific or Caribbean waters – two very different ecosystems. See turtles, whales and dolphins as they feed along the coastline. Catch green waves under the instruction of a professional surfer or explore offshore by stand-up paddleboard or waterskis. Perhaps deep-sea fish for mahi-mahi, black tuna, mackerel and marlin, or catch and release in the extensive wetlands or multiple rivers. 

Nature creates an enchanting and stirring soundtrack to Costa Rica's jungle wilderness. The country's microclimates create diverse habitats bursting with exotic life. From the scream of the smoky jungle frog to the delightful tropical song of the Gray-necked Wood-Rail, each rhythm tells a story. The local rangers can translate the sights, sounds and smells of this magical place. 

 Ticos live by the mantra of pura vida. Its meaning is hard to define but there must be something in the jungle air because by the time you leave, your soul will be automatically initiated into the “pure life”.