For young ones, or just the young-at-heart, Florida is the place where dreams come true. Fill your family album with magic moments on a VIP trip across the sunshine state.

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  • Get priority access to Walt Disney World Resort so you can avoid the queues and access off-limit areas
  • VIP access across the parks, from Universal Studios to Hollywood Studios
  • Explore Kennedy Space Centre with a veteran astronaut
  • Meet one of the graffitti artists who uses the streets of Wynwood as his canvas
  • Skim the grass wetlands of the Everglades on an airboat with a naturalist guide
  • Create your own work of art in the sand with a renowned beach artist in Miami 
  • Sail from Miami on a private yacht, equipt with the latest toys and tech
  • Seaplane adventure to Dry Tortugas National Park
  • Explore the world below the surface at Islamorada, home to some of the most biodiverse marine environments in the continental US
  • Embark on a mini road trip along the famed Highway 1 in a classic convertible
  • Learn how to bake the perfect Key Lime Pie at a renowned local bakery

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences

There is something magical about Florida, and it’s not just because of Mickey Mouse. From rockets launching into outer space, to an ecosystem found nowhere else on Earth, you’ll find unexpected delights all year-round in the Sunshine State.

Walt Disney World is the place where imagination turns into reality. Don’t waste time standing in line, head straight to a private entrance because a whole new world awaits, literally and figuratively. Once inside, bypass every queue and go straight to the front, giving you more time to explore the Disney universe - its nearly twice the size of Manhattan so you haven’t got time to waste! Cinderella’s castle is at the heart of the Magic Kingdom, innovation radiates from the geodesic sphere of Epcot, the lines between reality and film blur in Hollywood Studios and zoological adventures await in the Animal Kingdom.

Step into the big screen world of Universal Studios. Here, you don’t watch the plot unfold, you become part of it. Front-of-the-line access, insider tips and reserved seating will ensure that every magic moment is spent creating precious family moments. Don’t be surprised if your favourite characters come looking for you once they hear that you have arrived. You will be the family hero when you all become the stars of your favourite film. Help Harry escape from the Gringotts, ride along in a fast and furious car chase or prevent the minions causing mayhem in this unending world of possibility.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a personal invitation arrives from NASA. Travel through space and time at Kennedy Space Centre where a veteran astronaut will give you a familiarisation of the Launch Operations Center. Here, at the literal launchpad to the universe, use technology to melt moon dust for oxygen, create the chemical reaction that launches the shuttle then liftoff in Atlantis or use your skills to dock at the International Space Station. This is real-life space camp.

Recharge your batteries in Palm Beach and attune your rhythm to the ocean breeze. Lounge in oceanfront pools, follow the snorkeling trail or pamper your body and your mind in the spa. Combine health and education as you take a family bike ride around historical markers, botanical gardens, art exhibitions, farm-fresh eateries and the manicured lawns of super-mansions in the Estate Section. Build on your healthy habits with a family fitness class or have a golf clinic with a top PGA or LPGA professional before you compete out on the course.

Along the coast, Miami is a shining beacon of colour and creativity. Wynwood Arts District is an open-air gallery where bustling bars and warehouse hubs give graffiti and street art life and context. Accompany a local street artist to his studio, viewing his favourite street works along the way. Under his direction, use a professional spray can to create your own piece of art as a lasting memento.

From here you can visit the Everglades. First, get acquainted with some of the inhabitants of the “river of grass” with a naturalist guide. Toss food to the infamous alligators, dare to hold a python and get talkative with the parrots. Synonymous with the national park, take an airboat ride through the swamps and twisting mangrove tunnels. Folklore and fun facts will be interspersed with the unique flora and fauna of this tropical wetland ecosystem

Soak in the glorious Miami sunshine on a private yacht charter from Biscayne Bay. Complete with all the latest toys and tech, you’ll have submarines, hoverboards, air drones and towable inflatables to gratify your recreational needs. A talented chef and bartender will be on hand to satisfy your more satiable appetites.

Spend a few days soaking up the sun in the beautiful Florida Keys enjoying a plethora of exhilarating experiences. Begin your exclusive adventure with a thrilling fast boat transfer to Dry Tortugas National Park where you will enjoy time at leisure and a guided tour before heading back to Key West by seaplane. Spend a day exploring the world below the surface at Islamorada, home to some of the most biodiverse marine environments in the continental US. Embark on a mini-road trip along the famed Highway 1 in a classic convertible and learn how to bake the perfect Key Lime Pie at a renowned local bakery.

Best time to travel: All Year  

Number of nights: Ten

For families or groups of friends