This is a journey of compelling contrasts. Travel with the nomadic gauchos on a horse trek across the virgin lands of Patagonia.

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  • Traverse northern Patagonia on horse-back led by legendary guide Jakob von Plessen
  • Become part of the gaucho family as you learn their customs and way of life, riding through the Patagonian wilds
  • Become acquainted with the social ceremony of mate drinking
  • Rest your head in luxury pop-up camps in the foothills of the Andes Mountains
  • Feast on asado, at the Argentinian barbecue that has become an institution
  • Take a culinary journey through South America with a seven-course tasting menu at I Latina
  • Visit the distinctly different barrios of Buenos Aires in a vintage Hupmobile
  • Discover Buenos Aires' legendary nightlife as you hop between hidden Speakeasy bars with a legendary local mixologist
  • Dance the tango with the locals in BA's sultry milongas

This trip can be customised to your personal preferences.  

This is a journey of compelling contrasts. Buenos Aires is the beating heart of Argentina, pulsating to the pace and rhythm of its people. But before mankind, there was Mother Nature. The wilds of Patagonia form the soul of the country, its boundaries protecting the heritage and traditions of a bygone era.

Your trip will come full circle, beginning and ending in Argentina's suave and seductive capital. A mix of colourful and centuries-old facades elude to a culture of constant surprise. From learning the sultry art of tango to offering libations in the city's underground bar scene, we will transport you through the spirited world of the Porteños.

The legendary gauchos, born and bred on the Argentinian pampas, learn to ride before they can walk. Travel with these nomadic and skilled riders on a horse trek across the virgin lands of Patagonia. You will traverse forests, grasslands and valleys as you head towards Bariloche, in the foothills of the Andes.

Wake with the sun and saddle up ready for mountain rides. Feast on livestock reared on the surrounding lands during a traditional Argentinian barbecue. Try the country's national drink in a ronda de mate (drinking circle) – one of the gauchos’ post-ride sharing and bonding customs. Go wild swimming in valley lakes and rivers or stand up paddle boarding under the afternoon sun.

Below boundless skies and countless stars you will find nature in its purest form. Return to Buenos Aires for your journey home, having ventured into the very heart and soul of Argentina.

Best time to travel: November to March  

Number of nights: Ten

For individuals, couples, or small private groups