Theory by Ecoventura

Founded in 1991, the family-owned expedition cruise company has led adventurous travelers to one of the most extraordinary and untouched corners of the Earth. Pure in beauty and timeless allure, these volcanic islands have a rugged, unaltered magnetism that’s increasingly scarce, and are home to endemic species found nowhere else in the world. Ecoventura offers transformational experiences by connecting discerning travelers with the inspiring wildlife of the Galápagos. Origin & Theory by Ecoventura were designed by Cindy Muirragui de Kronfle. Materials used include exotic stones and crystals, and petrified teak. In the lounge where geography and photography lectures are held, the ceiling is hand-painted to mimic solid wood coffers, while gray and white upholstery and leather sofas echo spotted eagle rays and bottle-nose dolphins.