Villa Stéphanie, Oetker Collection

Opened in early 2015, Villa Stéphanie is the ‘House of Wellbeing’ at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. It stands for European Spa experience of the 21st century. Villa Stéphanie is the perfect place to get started into a new way of life, to escape and rediscover balance or to simply relax in state-of-the-art, supremely contemporary surroundings. The concept of Villa Stéphanie is centred on four axes: beauty, detox and nutrition, emotional balance, and medical care. Each element of health has a degree of cross influence upon the others, so the approach is a customised combination, a holistic view, and a blend of expertise. Located in the historic spa town of Baden-Baden, at the foot of the northern Black Forest mountains, Villa Stéphanie is a cutting edge medical spa offering a holistic approach to wellness curated by the finest professionals in the world. With just 15 rooms and suites, unparalleled access to the medical and spa facilities, the experience is highly bespoke – a ‘couture’ service for those wanting to experience the very best and achieve effective, long-term results with the utmost privacy and discretion. Whether it is for an annual medical check, recovering from illness or for a specific stress management, detox, nutrition or fitness programme, Villa Stéphanie’s team, coupled with its stylish design, offers the ultimate place to get well, get healthy and improve your life. Baden-Baden, literally meaning “Bath-Bath” is a wink to the town’s over 2000-year heritage as a health retreat, considering that the health benefits of Baden-Baden’s natural springs were well known to the Romans under emperor Hadrien. Furthermore, at Brenners-Hotel & Spa particularly, Spa activities have been central to its ethos and appeal. “Brenners is one of the founders of the Spa movement in Europe and we have carried the name ‘Spa’ in our name since 1983. Addressing the character of a big private house, we create a highly individualised approach to health and wellbeing,” describes Frank Marrenbach, Managing Director Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa and CEO Oetker Collection. Connected to ‘Haus Julius’, a 1700-square metre property dedicated solely to Medical Care, Villa Stéphanie itself represents total immersion in the Spa experience over five floors comprising: a generous, sleekly modern 500 square-metre sauna, plunge pool for recovery, a private gym, hammam, Ladies Sauna with the possibility for privatisation and a verdant inner court-yard. A unique attraction, this open colonnade allows for open-air exercise and private yoga classes. Twelve oversized double rooms and three impressive corner suites are crafted in elegance and designed to feel like home. With a total of only 15 rooms there is maximum privacy at Villa Stéphanie, which is crucial for the type of treatments and services on offer. The rooms have even been carefully considered, including the concept of “digital detox”, earning Villa Stéphanie the title of ‘World’s Best Digital Detox’ by the 2015 Luxury is all about choice. For relaxation outside the rooms, Le Salon features an impressive library and, as an ‘encore’, a beautiful private terrace faces the Brenner’s park to take advantage of the instantly calming surroundings of verdant foothills of the Black Forest.